I met Zakk Royce about a month after he set the new North Carolina state record for blue catfish. After discussing my personal best, 76-pound catfish (which is almost 30-pounds lighter than his record fish), I joked that maybe soon I would catch a bigger one, and break his record. His response surprised me.

“I hope so!” he said. 

And he couldn’t have been more sincere. After all, he released his record fish unharmed so that some other angler might catch it one day. Now, he’s helping other anglers catch catfish just like he does. His latest seminar on catching big catfish will be at Bass Pro Shops in Cary, tonight, Feb. 17 at 6 p.m. 

“I will also have a table set up before and after the seminar, so feel free to come by and hang out and ask me any questions,” said Royce.

Royce’s record-setting story is a unique one. He broke the record one night, and just after releasing that fish, he caught an even bigger one that shattered the record he’d just had certified. 

And Royce didn’t just luck into his record catch. He runs Blues Brothers Charters, targeting (and catching) big blue catfish when he’s taking a break from his college courses. Listening to him talk for just a few minutes, it becomes evident how passionate he is for fishing, and for helping others catch big catfish.

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