Every now and then, a new product comes along that changes the way we hunt. For bow hunters, the invention of the compound bow was revolutionary. These high-tech bows allow us to use greater power without exerting more energy of our own to load the weapon. They shoot faster, are more accurate, and have adjustments that recurve bows don't have.

More recently, new materials used for making arrow shafts, as well as new, high-tech broadheads have made bowhunting even more lethal.

Crossbows were another big advancement for archery hunters, and advancements made with them have been on par with standard bows, but until a few years ago, hunting with these weapons was not legal in many states. Luckily for us, it is legal now to hunt with crossbows in both Carolinas.

Crosman, a name familiar with anyone who grew up plinking with an airgun, has introduced a new crossbow that is unlike any available before.

The Pioneer Airbow is the latest product on the crossbow hunting market, and it truly is revolutionary – all the way to the point of eliminating the string of a crossbow. And before you assume that just makes it a gun, remember that this thing shoots full-sized arrows.

One problem with conventional crossbows is that they are bulky to carry, simply because they are both wide and long. Loading the weapon can also be a challenge for some hunters that just don’t have the arm strength that others do. Canting, which is just a fancy word for not having the crossbow level when shooting, can also cause accuracy problems. These problems are all eliminated with the Pioneer Airbow.

The Airbow is long like a rifle, and just as skinny. The elimination of the arrow string streamlines the weapon. Cocking, and uncocking the weapon is so easy it can be done with two fingers. It can fire 8 shots as quickly as a standard crossbow can fire three. Canting isn’t a problem like it is with traditional crossbows, where a one-inch difference in the right and left side of the weapon can result in missing your target by a foot.

The Airbow shoots fast, at 450 FPS, which is faster than the typical crossbow or compound bow.  Powered by 3000 psi of compressed air, the weapon is refilled easily and quickly thanks to the convenient fill nipple. The company offers a manual, high pressure hand pump as well as an air tank for filling solutions.

It all sounds like a great hunting solution, but is it legal to use on big game in the Carolinas? Thankfully, it is legal for coyotes and other predators, deer, bear, and hogs, and is also legal for alligator hunting in South Carolina. Notably absent from this list is the wild turkey. Neither of the Carolinas allows turkey hunting with this weapon.

You've killed your share of wild game with traditional firearms and archery equipment. Next time someone asks what kind of gun you killed your next trophy with, how cool would it be to tell them you killed it with an Airbow?