It’s a sad fact that some kids don’t get to experience the outdoors because their parents don’t have the time, energy, knowledge, or desire to share it with them. Many of them will experience it once they are old enough to make their own plans. But it’s even more sad when kids with terminal illnesses don’t get to experience hunting or fishing, because for many of them, they’ll never get the chance. An organization in Beaufort aims to change that for as many kids as possible.

Angels N Camo is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose purpose is to raise funds to enable disabled kids and those with a life-threatening illness to go on a hunting or fishing adventure of their choosing. They raise money through a variety of ways including banquets, turkey shoots, and a number of other benefits.

The organization’s main focus is on children in Beaufort County and the surrounding areas of Eastern North Carolina.

For Lisa Boyd Adams, founder of Angels N Camo, being able to see these children enjoy a hunting or fishing trip is a passion that began when she decided to do something in honor of Mr. Henry Ball, a passionate hunter and skilled gunsmith, and a dear friend of Adams’ family. Because of his love for the outdoors, his generous nature, and his passion for family and friends, she realized that starting Angels N Camo in his honor would be fitting.

Speaking with Adams and her husband, it’s easy to see how touched they are by listening to them. They even spoke of how surprised they were on one particular fishing outing with a wheelchair-bound young man that they had paired up with a wheelchair-bound fishing captain. When the fishing slowed down, the captain and the young man bonded and talked of things well beyond the outdoors – things that touched the young man’s life in ways that perhaps he could not have been reached through someone who wasn’t in the same boat of life as he is.

Adventures which Angels N Camo has funded so far include deer hunting trips, offshore fishing trips, inshore fishing trips, freshwater fishing trips, and everything in between. They are currently selling tickets to this year’s big fundraiser “A Night Out with Angels N Camo,” which takes place March 12 at the Tar Heel Variety Theater in Chocowinity.

Click here to visit Angels N Camo’s website to find out how you can help, whether it is through donations, banquet tickets, or pairing them up with a sick or disabled child who would love an outdoor adventure.