Outdoorsmen spend a lot of time, money, and effort on getting their hunting and fishing locations in good shape for their adventures, so it’s tough to say anything is more frustrating to them than seeing someone poaching.

Thanks to the Turn-In-Poachers (TIP) program, a new program from the NCWRC, folks who report poachers to the agency can be receive rewards between $100 and $1000. The amount will depend on the severity of the crime.

“Poaching includes the illegal take of game, fish, plants, trespassing, littering, theft, and destruction of property,” said Lt. B.J. Meyer of the NCWRC. “With this new program and partnership, we can work together to protect our resources for the future enjoyment of all North Carolinians.”

Meyer pointed out that even if you don’t hunt or fish, or just because you don’t believe a certain crime impacts you directly, that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth reporting. He also stressed that with the limited number of wildlife officers across the state, the agency really needs the public’s help.

“Wildlife crimes affect us all, whether we are hunters, anglers, trappers, bird watchers, or just someone who enjoys walking in the woods. Despite our constant efforts, it is not possible for our officers to apprehend all violators on their own. We need the guidance and support of the public to be the most effective, so we rely on our citizens to assist in the reduction of wildlife crimes,” he said.

The program will be paid for by the poachers. Much credit goes to the N.C. Bowhunters Association in their efforts to enact Session Law 2013-380, which put the Wildlife Poacher Reward Fund in place. This program receives funding from adjudicated poaching cases, and the violators are required to pay restoration fees directly to the NCWRC.

The agency will keep all tips anonymous, and the tips can be submitted in four ways.

Click here for the TIP website, which is one way to submit tips.

For the second way to submit tips, download the mobile app by searching for “TipSoft” or “TipSubmit” in the Google Play store or Apple App Store on your mobile phone.

Texting “WILDTIP” to 274637 is the third choice for submitting tips, and the fourth way is the old-fashioned method, by telephone. Call 1-855-WILDTIP.