What started out as a shopping trip for a Guilford County hunter turned into a trophy deer hunt instead. Stacey Richardson wasn’t planning on hunting while Braden Cox, her boyfriend, was out of town visiting friends, but he texted her during her shopping trip, urging her to hit the woods.

“I told him that I did not like going alone. He has always walked me to the stand, then walked back to get me out of the stand once it’s dark outside. So, I wasn’t planning on going, but he changed my mind with his text,” said Richardson. 

“He said that I couldn’t kill a deer if i was not in the woods,” Richardson said. So, to the woods she went.

“I got home, showered, grabbed a bin full of clothes and a .270 rifle and hit the road by 2:30 p.m. My boyfriend had sat in this exact stand four nights prior to my hunt and grazed a 140-class brute 9-pointer with his bow. I had told him that was perfect, because it gave me a chance to harvest the buck,” Richardson said.

Knowing that buck was still at large was another motivating factor for Richardson to hunt alone, so she immediately felt good about her decision to cut her shopping trip short.

“My heart was pumping all the way to the stand as I thought about the pictures of the bucks we had gotten all year in this honey hole,” said Richardson, who began to get a little impatient two hours after sitting in the stand.

“I texted Braden telling him that I had not seen anything, and that I should not have gone hunting,” she said.

But 20-minutes later, she heard a sound that changed her mind.

“I heard it – the infamous footsteps that every hunter knows so well. I could hear the deer walking in those crunchy fall leaves,” said Richardson.

At 5:01 p.m., Richardson got a look at a 7-point buck with a very wide rack they’d been watching on trail cameras all year.

“That was my chance. I killed the wide 7, and I did it all on my own!” said Richardson.

Though the buck barely grazed the 120-class mark, it’s a trophy in her eyes for sure. The buck weighed 174-pounds and sported a 21-inch spread between its 9-point rack.

Richardson credits her hunting success to her boyfriend and Patrick Williams, who just recently killed a potential Boone & Crockett Club buck in Rockingham County. Click here to read about his buck.

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