Bass anglers know the effectiveness of the Alabama Rig, especially this time of year in lakes that have a good population of baitfish. Those baitfish typically bunch up and school throughout the fall months, and the Alabama Rig does a great job of simulating them. Even when the fishing is tough, the Alabama Rig brings bass to the boat.

The downside to this rig is the weight of it. It is heavy, and a day of casting and retrieving these lures is a chore. They also just about require a dedicated rod to fish them, and those rods are usually so heavy and specialized that they aren’t good for any other lures. Another down side – a big one for some anglers – is that they are banned on many tournament trails.

Taylor Man’s Custom Lures in Reidsville, North Carolina has an answer to all those problems in a lure that also simulates a school of baitfish. Their ScatterShad spinnerbait is like a spinnerbait on steroids. While most spinnerbaits have two or three blades, the ScatterShad spinnerbait has seven blades, and it looks as much like a school of baitfish as an Alabama Rig.

The large top blade spins, moving water and causing turbulence that is sure to get a few looks from bass. The other six blades slice back and forth, creating flash as they reflect light and making noise as they clang into each other. The blades are out-of-sync with one another, giving them a look of confusion and panic. To a bass, it all looks and sounds like a group of confused and fleeing baitfish. In other words, it looks like an easy meal for the predator fish.

Sometimes bass will hit these lures when they aren’t even hungry. While they may watch a big jig swim by without licking their lips, or look at a crankbait with little interest, these multi-bladed lures will trigger a reaction from bass in the same way you or I may react when offered a handful of peanuts or M&Ms. And i don’t know about you, but hungry or not, I ain’t passing up a handful of M&Ms any more than bass will pass up a ScatterShad spinnerbait.

Taylor Man's Custom Lures make a variety of other lures, and they make them all right here in the Old North State. They can be reached at 336-669-5395.