The fall trout bite is as hot as it’s been all year in the Wrightsville Beach area, and Capt. Jot Owens of Jot it Down Charters has a few favorite lures that are all hooking plenty of specks right now. Soft plastic grubs and hard plugs make up the bulk of his arsenal this time of year.

“Specks aren’t too hard to catch, but knowing what lures to use and when can really make a difference in how many you catch,” said Owens.

Owens said anglers who use the following lures should find success this time of year:

MirrOlure 52M and 52MRs, and 18MRs. These are sinking twitchbaits that sink at a rate of one foot per second, and can be fished similar to topwater plugs in a “walk-the-dog” fashion. This is a great lure for covering the entire water column. He likes using these lures in water that is 6-feet to 20-feet deep.

Berkley Gulp! lures. Owens said the 3-inch shrimp is tough to beat this time of year, and he also likes using one of the newest Gulp! lures, the Ripple Mullet, a 4-inch grub. These baits come infused with a fish attractant that gives off a strong scent, and if you the Gulp! Alive! versions come with a pint of the attractant that you can dip the lure in to refresh it. These lures are often fished on jigheads and bounced along the bottom, or retrieved just above bottom. Some anglers also like to fish these lures under popping corks. Water that is 6-feet to 20-feet deep is ideal for these lures too, said Owens.

Saltwater Assassin Sea Shads. This is another lure Owens likes to use in 6- to 20-foot deep water. These paddle tail grubs are made of a super soft plastic that helps wary fish hold on long enough for anglers to set the hook. The 4-inch model is Owens’ favorite.

When fishing in shallow water, which Owens describes as less than 6-foot deep, lures like the MirrOlure 17MR and Catch 2000 Jr. are effective. These are suspending twitchbaits that sink to a certain depth, allowing anglers to target fish underwater without the risk of their lure sinking all the way to the sea floor.

On especially calm mornings, Owens said the MirrOlure She Pup, a surface walking lure that is fished similar to a Heddon Spook and other walk-the-dog type lures, is a good bet. “The She Pup will get those trout to blow up out of the water,” said Owens (910-233-4139).

All the lures mentioned above come in a wide variety of colors, and MirrOlure is now producing the Capt. Jot Custom color, which Owens said is available at Tex’s Tackle.