The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission will open 31 trout streams and two lakes classified as delayed-harvest trout waters under hatchery-supported regulations on Saturday, June 6. 

From 6 a.m. until 11:59 a.m. delayed-harvest trout waters are open only to anglers 15 years old and younger. At noon, waters open to all anglers. Delayed-harvest waters will stay open under hatchery-supported regulations through Sept. 30. During this time, anglers can keep up to seven trout per day — with no bait restrictions and no minimum size limits.

The Commission stocks delayed-harvest waters in the fall and spring with high densities of trout to increase anglers’ chances of catching trout. When summer arrives, waters become too warm for trout to survive, so the Commission opens delayed-harvest streams and lakes to harvest. Delayed-harvest waters are posted with diamond-shaped, black-and-white signs. 

The Commission established the youth-only fishing time frame to promote trout fishing among young anglers and to provide special opportunities for young anglers to catch and keep fish.

Anglers ages 16 and older need an inland fishing license and a special trout fishing privilege, which is included in the comprehensive and sportsman licenses, to fish in all public mountain trout waters, including delayed-harvest waters. *