When he’s in a deer stand, Ray Adcock of Monreo usually handles a video camera while his daughter, Melinda Rich, does the shooting. But on the morning of Nov. 25, 2014, the two decided to split up and sit in different stands on the property they hunt in Union County. It wound up being a winning decision all the way around for Adcock, who killed an 8-point buck, entered it in North Carolina Sportsman’s Bag-A-Buck contest and was drawn in mid-January as the grand prize winner.

Adcock, 73, can pay his daughter back by including her in the grand prize, a one-day hunt for two people at Rockingham County’s Willow Oaks Plantation.

Adcock has some horses to take care of that morning before he could hunt, so he and his daughter decided to split up. He went to a ground blind overlooking a small clearing where he was baiting with corn. He hadn’t been there long when an 8-pointer walked out at about 75 yards.

Adcock ran a round from his .270 through the buck’s boiler room, and the 16-inch 8-pointer ran about 75 yards before collapsing. He caught the entire hunt on video, setting up his camera in the blind with him.

“We have two stands on the place we hunt, and this is a good stand,” he said. “My daughter killed an 11-pointer that scored 155 4/8 and  in 2012 that won the Dixie Deer Classic for women in 2013. We have been hunting together for about 15 years.”