Danny Martin, Willow Oaks Plantation’s chef, served barbecued rabbits as an appetizer after the hunt using this scrumptious family recipe:

• Skin and clean the rabbits, allowing one rabbit for serving two people. 

• Soak rabbits for one hour in enough water to cover them after adding 2 tablespoons of salt and a half-cup of white vinegar. 

• Remove the rabbits from the water and rub them with garlic powder, cayenne pepper, black pepper and salt.

• Cook the rabbits in a smoker with hickory wood for two hours at 200 degrees. Baste them three times with sweet, red barbecue sauce while continuing to cook for one more hour. Cook until the meat is easy to remove from the bones with the fingers. 

• Remove from the smoker and baste again just before serving. Use shears or a knife to cut the rabbits into serving pieces.