Two fishermen who blistered High Rock Lake’s bass earlier this month credit the drawdown for what has been a great bite over the past several weeks.

Robert Mixon of Lexington and Matt Stanley of China Grove caught a five-fish limit that weighed a stunning 29.2 pounds on Oct. 12, an average of almost 6 pounds per fish. Stanley caught the pair’s biggest fish, a 7.3-pound lunker, and he had another bass that weighed more than 6 pounds.

“He was operating the boat, so he got first crack at the fish,” Mixon said, “but there were plentyof bass to go around. We tossed back two 5-pounders and numerous 3-pound fish. In all, we culled about 22 pounds.”

Mixon said the 10-foot drawdown  at High Rock necessitated by a NCDOT project to repair a bridge has caused bass to gather in shallow water in the backs of creeks, where they’re hitting small crankbaits and spinnerbaitss.

“The sudden drop in water level (has) limited the hiding places for bass and concentrated them along rocks and stumps,” Mixon said. “If it wasn’t for the drawdown and a day of rain and wind, we wouldn’t have caught those big bass.

“I’ve been part of two-man fishing teams with catches of 28 pounds twice, but this 29-pound catch is the biggest for me.”

Mixon fears that as the drawdown continues toward the expected 15-foot mark, the bite not last, because many of the places where he and Stanley caught their fish will be high and dry.

“With the continued drawdown, the bass are leaving the backs of creeks for bigger water, and they’re spreading out,” he said.