Tex Grissom of Tex’s Tackle in Wilmington said the fishing is pretty good around Wrightsville Beach from the backwaters to the Gulf Stream, but flounder fishing has been especially good, especially for big fish.

“A lot of fishermen come here during the summer for flounder, and that’s a good thing,” Grissom said. “Our flounder fishing started off the summer fairly good and has gotten a little better. We don’t have a bunch of flounder right now, but there are a high percentage of them that are nice flounder. I’m not talking about 8- to 10-pounders, but there have been a few of them caught. I’m talking about 3- to 6-pounders, and there have been a good number of them – and it should get better.”

Grissom said flounder aren’t usually affected as much by excess summer rains and runoff, and that seems to be holding true again this summer. He said the rain has turned the water a dingy, reddish brown, but there are baitfish and flounder. 

Grissom (910-791-1763) said redfish action has slowed since the last round of heavy rains, but he thinks they’ll be back soon. He sure hopes so because after flounder, they are the summer favorite of inshore fishermen.

“There are Spanish mackerel around the inlets and at many of the nearshore rocks and artificial reefs,” Grissom said. “The bait they are feeding on is small, and they are very size-specific, so stay with small lures to catch them. The long time favorites are Clark Spoons in size 00; they should be trolled on long mono or fluoro leaders behind small planers or trolling sinkers to get them under the surface.”

Grissom said there have been a lot of sharks between the beach and about 5 miles off, and the interest in shark fishing had surged a little lately. Several species are around, but spinners and blacktips, which usually jump a few times when hooked, are the most fun to catch.

“There are some king mackerel around the rocks in the 10- to 25-mile range,” Grissom said. “A few moved closer in, and some have been caught from the piers, but the concentration is farther out. There are also some dolphin and a few sailfish in the same area, and both are a pleasant surprise when king fishing.”