Anglers anywhere in the Piedmont who are looking for a “reel good” time should try Badin Lake. Over the past week or so, fishing on the Yadkin River system’s oldest lake has been outstanding.

“I love Badin Lake,” said guide Maynard Edwards of Yadkin Lakes Guide Service in Lexington. “It’s got rocky shorelines and a lot of laydowns that are great places for bass, and it doesn’t get as much pressure as High Rock or Tuckertown.”

“The Tuckertown Dam, when (Yadkin Inc.) lets water out, is a great place to go, too,” said Edwards (336-249-6782). “And you can catch just about anything up there this time of year, including bass, stripers, white bass, perch and catfish.”

Badin’s largemouth bass are in the postspawn, having left the shorelines, but they haven’t pulled out into a summerpattern and can be found off long sloping points, especially near spawning flats in water 10- to 15-feet deep.

“I like to throw a Texas-rigged lizard in chartreuse or watermelon pattern brown,” Edwards said, “and work it down the slopes. The lake’s got some ‘humps’ in it too that are good places to try.”

Topwater lures also work well in the early morning. Edwards likes a 4-inch white Zara Spook and quarter-ounce buzzbaits with white skirts.

Best times to fish are when the turbines are turning at the Tuckertown down.

“You need a little current to get fish active,” he said. “Only trouble is, (Yadkin Inc.) won’t tell you when they are turning the wheels. The water coming out of the bottom of the dam is cooler, and May can be an awesome time to go there. You just have to stay on the right side to avoid rocks.”

Because Badin is filled with gizzard and threadfin shad, largemouths often school over deeper points and visibly slash at surface baits.

“You can throw the Spook or buzzbait then – or use a Carolina-rig and throw at the points and drag ’em down the sides,” Edwards said. “The nice deal is you might get bit by a bass or a striper, especially if you’re throwing a deep-diving crankbait and bouncing it off the bottom.”