Samantha Evans had a tough deer-hunting season compared to hubby Jeremy Evans — until Dec. 18. That’s when Evans, a Greensboro resident, downed what likely will be the best non-typical Tarheel State buck ever killed by a female hunter.

“We have a 3-year-old daughter, and Jeremy’s been going huntin’ at my stands and killin’ my big deer while I took care of our daughter,” Samantha Evans said. “He killed a big 10-pointer two years ago, but now I tell him his deer doesn’t look that big after all.”

The rack on Evans’ Guilford County whitetail carried 20 points. It hasn’t been scored, but it likely will push 160 inches  non-typical.

“I hunted that deer every day with a bow, muzzleloader and rifle and never laid eyes on him,” Jeremy Evans said. “We had only five trail-camera photos of him in daylight.”

That Samantha Evans would down the buck apparently was a matter of fate.

“I got off work late and didn’t get in the stand until 5 p.m.,” she said of her Dec. 18 hunt.

After 15 minutes, the buck came into her corn pile chasing a small doe. He wasn’t spooked even when Evans, who had forgotten to put a live round in the chamber of her Weatherby .270, dry-fired on an empty case, ejected it and listened as it bounced down the steps of her ladder stand, making a metallic “tink” every time it hit a step.

“I about had a heart attack when the gun snapped on the casing,” she said. “Then I ejected it, and the buck ran, but he stopped 30 yards away, turned around and came right back to the corn.”

When she shot the buck through the chest and it dropped, Green finally lost her composure.

“I’ve never thrown up, cried and hyperventilated like that,” she said. “I’ve pouted, cried and called my husband all kinds of names. I wanted to shoot (the buck) again, because I just knew he’d get up and run off.

“But he didn’t.”

The dates for the 2014 Dixie Deer Classic, Feb. 28-March 2, coincides with her wedding anniversary.

“I won’t even mind spending it in Raleigh,” she said, laughing.