Despite cold weather, heavy rains and muddy water that have shut down fishing at many area lakes, Robbie Burr of Pee Dee Fishing Adventures said he and his clients “have been wearing the blue cats out” at Blewett Falls Lake, the tiny 2,560-acre lake in Anson and Richmond counties between Wadesboro and Rockingham.

“The lake’s extremely muddy, but that makes for easy fishing for big blues,” said Burr, who’s been catching big numbers of blues for the past few weeks. “This is the easy time of the year to catch catfish.”

Though the fishing may be easy, according to Burr ( anglers still have to be skilled with their electronics to find the fish. He said the fish bunch up this time of year, and he searches the lake for these concentrations of fish with his electronics before he wets a hook.

Once the fish are located, he sets out cut gizzard shad on standard Carolina rigs and heavy tackle. The bait is fished just off the lake bottom.

“When you set out two rods, it won’t be long before one of them goes down,” said Burr, who advised fishermen to arrange the rods around your boat to avoid tangles.” 

Burr has been taking photos of big cats for the past two weeks. Most of the photos show fishermen in rain gear or heavy parkas with muddy water in the background, which is representative of the conditions of late.

The lake holds plenty of cats in the 10- to 30-pound range, with a good number exceeding 40 pounds.

Blewett Falls is served by two public boat landings, one on NC 109 north of Wadesboro near the NC 109 bridge and one off boat Landing Road, just off NC 74 via Blewett Falls Road.

The major boat landing near the dam is off Boat Landing Road, which can be reached from Blewett Falls Road just off of Highway 74. The other landing is on Highway 109 north of Wadesboro near the Highway 109 Bridge.