Legendary bass pro Denny Brauer has plied his craft all over the country, developing a reputation as one of the best jig fishermen ever.

In chilly prespawn scenarios, he agrees that less is usually more for trailers, so he typically uses his namesake Strike King 3X Chunk. For a tight package, he’ll thread the chunk onto his hook; or for a longer look, he’ll simply impale it.

During prespawn warming trends, he may want a little more wiggle like the Strike King Rage Craw, but he may not be ready to show the fish a full profile with that wiggly trailer. Rather, he may want to keep the package small for seasonal preference by shortening the body of the trailer.

Brauer said it’s important to measure the trailer positioning so you don’t end up with a body that’s too short to accommodate proper hook placement. He avoids improper fits by holding the bend of his hook against the bottom of the trailer’s body with just enough space for the hook to exit the body with enough plastic around it to hold its position.

He then marks the spot where the top of the trailer hits the backside of the jig’s head and bites off the excess plastic. This yields a snug fit with a tight profile and the trailer’s pincers held close to the skirt.