Brayden Morris of Rougemont killed the two biggest bucks of his life the opening week of archery season, taking a 118-inch buck on opening day and a 124-inch buck the next Saturday. The most-interesting thing is, Brayden Morris is only seven years old.

Brayden Morris was hunting with his father, Kevin, in a box blind set up over a pine thicket in Granville County on Sept. 7, the season’s first day. They had around a dozen deer in an area baited with corn when an 8-point, 150-pound buck walked straight in, clearing out the crowd.

Brayden Morris, who killed his first deer at age four, squeezed the trigger on his Striker 380 crossbow and put the buck down at 25 yards. That was the 118-inch buck.

The next Saturday, Brayden and Kevin Morris set up in the same stand, and around 7 a.m., a group of deer wandered into the pines. This time, a 9-point, 124-inch buck showed up, working his way to the corn pile three different times over a 30-minute span before he gave Brayden a clean shot. Once again, his aim was true and the crossbow put down the buck.

Kevin Morris has managed the deer herd on this piece of property for more than 20 years, and Brayden’s success wasn’t the first for the Morris family. Last year, Kevin’s wife, Jennifer, was featured on the cover of North Carolina Sportsman after killing a trophy buck during archery season.

Immediately after killing the second big buck, Brayden Morris asked his father if he could be in the magazine like his mother was. As the saying goes, you can tell when you are raising your kids right.