Bryan Thrift of Shelby placed third at the Aug. 15-18 Forrest Wood Cup at the Red River, Shreveport, La., with a four-day catch of 46-1 and received $60,000. After jockeying for the lead during the first three rounds with Randall Tharp of Port Saint Joe, Fla., Thrift could only bring five small fish to the scales weighing 6-11 for the final round, and he fell to third place.

Thrift and Tharp stunned the 46-man field with opening round catches of 18-7 and 18-8, respectively. Tharp increased his lead to four ounces the second day with a total of 29-11 while Thrift had 29-7. Thrift turned the tables on Tharp in the third round by taking a 4-ounce lead, but he lost the lead and the championship with his small catch on Day 4.

Tharp brought in 14-0 the final day for a winning haul of 53-2 that paid $500,000.

Last year’s champion, Jacob Wheeler of Indianapolis, Ind., made a charge the final day with 14-4 but fell short with 49-2. His second-place finish was worth $75,000.

Matt Arey of Shelby finished 18th with 28-11, winning $15,000; and David Fritts of Lexington placed 23rd with 19-2 winning $12,500.

Among the co-anglers, Bryan New of Belmont ranked fourth with 17-5 for  $8,000; and Justin Jones of Apex finished 35th with 9-13 that paid $2,000.

The Forrest Wood Cup will be broadcast Sept. 29 at 2:30 p.m. over NBC.


Piedmont Bass Classic End of Year Trail, Kerr Lake, Aug. 10

1. Vern Fleming (Raleigh)-Glenn Long (Henderson), 17.45, $1,006; 2. Chris Bullock (Fountain)-Robert Perkins (Rougemont), 17.01, $562; 3. Howard-Justin Bohannon (Durham), 15.60, $444; 4. Dennis Reedy (Siler City)-Tommy Marrow (Oxford), 15.36, $325; 5. Mike Stephenson (Bahama)-Chad Jones (Durham), 14.87, $236; 6. Tony Woodard (Four Oaks)-Brandon Gray (Bullock), 14.75, $207; 7. Mark-Larry Inman (Greensboro), 13.63, $180. Big bass: Reedy-Morrow, 5.50 pounds, $462