Swansboro was a real fishing town the weekend of Aug. 10, with three tournaments in its waters. The big one was the Onslow Bay Open King Mackerel Tournament, and despite some rough ocean seas, Honeybun, captained by Adam Tosto, took first place with a 38.22-pound king.

Tosto and his crew – Albert Tosto, Greg Thornburg and Jay Russell – caught their winning fish east of Cape Lookout. 

Justin Time, led by Capt. Johnny Hudson, caught a 35.46-pound king late in the day in the Beaufort Inlet shipping channel to take second. Triple Trouble, captained by Seth King, took third with a 25.7-pound fish. 

Stacy Brown fished on the No Mercy and was the Top Lady Angler with a 24.71-pound king that was sixth overall. Terry Lyons on Mom Said No won Top Junior Angler honors with a 20.75-pound king, and Jimmy Dupree caught a 16.16-pound king aboard OBX Girl to win Top Senior Angler honors.


Hook and Bones Redfish Shootout, Aug. 10, Swansboro

Overall: 1. Ricky Kellum/Derrick Barbee (Runn and Gunn), 11.21 pounds (two fish); 2. Floyd Moody Jr./Floyd Moody III (Team Moody), 9.64; 3. Allen Jernigan/Tim Chavez (White Latinos), 9.64. Big fish: 1. Kellum/Barbee, 5.78; 2. Moody/Moody, 5.78; 3. Jernigan/Chavez, 5.67. Top Junior Angler: Drake Allen, 2.75

Sheriff Ingram Flatfish Roundup, Aug. 10, Southport

1. Tim Lewis (Right Combo), 5.63; 2. Al Fulford (Flounder Nuttzz), 5.16. Aggregate: Blake Stone (Open Wide), 17.85 pounds (five fish). Top Lady Angler: Debbie Lewis (Right Combo), 5.63. Top Senior Angler: Tim Lewis (Right Combo), 5.63. Top Junior Angler: Nick Pagiolo (Right Combo), 5.63. Largest Redfish: David Register (Pirate Pack), 6.37 pounds.

Airborne Angler Adventures Yak-Master Classic Kayak Tournament, Aug. 11, Swansboro

1. Tim Taramelli, 55.5 inches; 2. Daniel Seaman, 55.25; 3. Joel Blair, 38; 4. Jaime Crum, 32. Big fish: David Pham, 26.25-inch redfish.      

Alice Kelly Memorial Ladies Only Billfish Tournament, Aug. 11, Manteo

1. Jimmy Bayne (Sniper), 330 points; 2. Jesse Granitski (Bi-Op-Sea), 210; 3. John Burnette (Retriever), 210. Top Lady Angler: Anne Reibel (Samanna), 70 (1 sailfish). Top Junior Angler: Allyson Russell (A-Salt Weapon), 1 white marlin. Largest Tuna: Kim Sink (Country Girl), 49.2 pounds. Largest Dolphin: Lisa Martone (Skiligal) 36.1. Largest Wahoo: Elizabeth Grigg (Rigged Up), 32.6.

Carteret C.C. Foundation Spanish Mackerel Challenge, July 27, Beaufort

Overall: 1. Sam Anderson, 5.77; 2. Mike Street, 5.565; 3. Sabrina Ebron, 5.475. Fly Rod: Jan Willis, 2.08. Top Kid Angler: Jackson Wade, 4.14. Top Junior Angler: Susanna Segrave, 3.2. Top Teen Angler: Sam Sanderson, 5.77. Top Lady Angler: Sabrina Ebron, 5.475. Top Master Angler: Mike Street, 5.565. Largest King Mackerel: Brandon Griffin, 13.26. Largest Dolphin: Dave Collins, 16.56. Largest Bluefish: Joel Schneider, 2.2. Largest Flounder: Mike Allen, 2.555.

Raleigh Saltwater Sportfishing Club King Mackerel/ Flounder Tournament, July 27, Morehead City

1. Johnny Lewis (Second Chance), 44.48; 2. Skip Conklin (Ocean Athlete), 41.42; 3. John Parks (Animal House), 34.64. Top Lady Angler: Sandy Conklin (Ocean Athlete), 41.42. Top Junior Angler: Terry Lyons (Mom Said No), 30.38. Largest Flounder: Chuck Ward (Little Stooge), 2.82.

Carousel Center Flounder Tournament, July 27, Carolina Beach

1. Chris Hanson, 5.05; 2. Bob Carr, 4.95; 3. Sam Daughtry, 4.75.

TJM Celebrity Invitational Kayak Tournament, July 27, Wrightsville Beach

Grand Slam: 1. Joey Sullivan, 63.9 inches; 2. Bob Dainton, 63.5; 3. Tyler Simmons 55.0. Redfish: 1. Tony Eason, 28.25; 2. Winston Brown, 27.5; 3. Mark Patterson, 27.25. Trout: 1. Chip Camp, 19.0; 2. Greg Sorrell, 18.75; 3. Tim Norris, 18.25. Flounder: 1. Bob Dainton, 20.25; 2. Joey Sullivan, 20.125; 3. Josh Ferguson, 20.0. SUP Division: Drew Camp, 19.5-inch redfish, 15.0-inch flounder.

Ducks Unlimited “Band the Billfish” Tournament, July 26-27, Morehead City

1. Chuck Ledford (Sea Hag), 1,000 points; 2. Scott Wiggins (Whitecaps), 950+10.3; 3. Tony Bullock (Seamint), 950. Largest Wahoo: Shane Brafford (Carolina Time), 71.6. Largest Dolphin: Bobby Schlege (Islander), 35.1. Top Lady Angler: Carly Ledford (Sea Hag), 450. Top Greenwing Angler: John T. Smith Jr. (Whitecap), 950.

Capt. Eddy Haneman Sailfish Tournament, July 26-27, Wrightsville Beach

1. Robbie Wolfe (Whipsaw), 1 release; 2. Class Act, 1 release; 3. Pelagic Magic, 1 release.

 Oriental Rotary Tarpon Tournament, July 27-28

1. Henry Frazer, 2 releases; 2. George Beckwith, 1 release; 3. Brad Haley, 1 release. Sportsman Division: Brad Haley, 1 release.

 Oriental Rotary Inshore Slam, July 26

1. Greg Voliva, 11.14 pounds; 2. Sammy White, 8.8; 3. James Milks, 7.24.