Opening weekend of dove season will last only one day this year, thanks to the way the calendar falls, but hunters will still get plenty of opportunity to pull their shotguns’ triggers in early waterfowl and migratory bird seasons announced last week by the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission.

Because Sept. 1 falls on a Sunday, hunters will have to wait until Labor Day to open the first of North Carolina’s three segments of dove season, but they won’t have to wait until noon to hunt, as legal hunting will come in 30 minutes before sunrise throughout the season.

Dove seasons will be Sept. 2-Oct. 5, Nov. 25-Nov. 30 and Dec. 13-Jan. 11. The daily bag limit is 15 birds.

The Commission set the early Canada goose season for Sept. 2-30, with a 15-bird daily bag limit, and the early teal season is Sept. 7-25, with a 6-bird daily bag limit. Teal hunting will be limited to areas east of US 17.

Other seasons set are:

* King, Clapper, Sora and Virginia rails, Gallinules and Moorhens:  Sept. 7-28 and Oct. 5-Nov. 21, with a daily bag limit of 15 King or Clapper Rails, 25 Sora or Virginia railsand 15 Gallinules and moorhens;

* Woodcock:  Dec. 12 – Jan. 25 with a daily bag limit of three;

* Common Snipe: Nov. 14 - Feb. 28, with a daily bag limit of eight.

The possession limits on early season migratory birds and waterfowl is now three times the daily bag limit.

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