The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission has approved the season dates for dove and other webless migratory game birds, as well as September seasons for Canada geese and teal.

Hunters should note several important changes to this year’s seasons and regulations:

Dove season opening day is Sept. 2, a Monday. Seasons for rails, gallinules and moorhens have been split into two segments. There is a closed period for rail hunting in late September/early October.

The daily bag limit for teal in the September teal season has been increased from four to six. Possession limits for all species are now 3 times the daily bag limit. Previously, it had been 2 times the daily bag.

Shooting hours for all species are 30 minutes before sunrise until sunset unless otherwise noted. Dove hunters should note that shooting hours for the entire season, including opening day, begin at 30 minutes before sunrise. The change to opening-day shooting hours for doves was implemented last year.

Early seasons for migratory birds are:

Doves: Sept. 2-Oct. 5, Nov. 25-Nov. 30, Dec. 13-Jan. 11. Bag limit: 15 per day.

King/Clapper Rails: Sept. 7-28, Oct. 5-Nov. 21. Bag limit: 15 per day.

Sora/Virginia Rails: Sept. 7-28, Oct. 5-Nov. 21. Bag limit: 25 per day.

Gallinules/Moorhens: Sept. 7-28, Oct. 5-Nov. 21. Bag limit: 15 per day.

Woodcock: Dec. 12-Jan. 25. Bag limit: 3 per day.

Common Snipe: Nov. 14-Feb. 28. Bag limit: 8 per day.

Canada Goose: Sept. 2-30 statewide. Bag limit: 15 per day. West of US 17, hunting is extended to 30 minutes after sunset, unplugged guns are permitted and electronic calls are permitted.

September Teal: Sept. 7-25, east of US 17. Bag limit: 6 per day.