The largemouth bite has exploded at Badin, Tillery and Tuckertown lakes, according to Maynard Edwards of Lexington's Yadkin Lakes Guide Service.

"The bass are having a field day at those lakes right now," said Edwards. "There's also schooling activity at Badin and Tillery."


Edwards said anglers have been casting Zara Spooks to catch 2 ½- to 4-pound fish feeding at the surface on 3- to 4-inch-long threadfin shad.


The topwater bite isn't restricted to early morning or late evening hours, he said, as is normally the case.


"We've been catching them in the middle of the day when we find them feeding on top," Edwards said. "The other day I found a school at Badin and made eight casts and caught seven bass. After one cast, (a bass) knocked the Spook completely out of the water four times, and I said, 'OK, that's enough,' and I let it sit still and pretty soon it disappeared."


That day Edwards said the school covered a half-acre, and he and his clients caught fish from that group of bass for two hours.


Badin also has had a great bite around submerged vegetation, and bass are hitting buzzbaits and green pumpkin and white floating worms.


"With all the water coming into the system, the grass is submerged at Badin, and that makes the buzzbait bite even better," Edwards said.


If the bass aren't hitting topwater lures, crankbaits fished in eight to 12 feet of water off rocky points have resulted in strikes, often by larger fish.


"We caught a 6 ¼- and 5 ½ using a crankbait at a rocky point the other day," he said.


Carolina rigs with 4-inch Zoom Baby Brush Hawgs, centipedes or trick worms also have worked at rocky points.


Despite continued rains, the lower Yadkin lakes haven't seen much muddy water yet.


"North of High Rock, there was an alleyway that hadn't seen that much rain," Edwards said. "But North Wilkesboro has had a lot (of rain), so it's coming (down river). But right now High Rock, Tuckertown and Badin look really good; the water's stained just enough to be perfect for bass fishing. The main problems now are (rainy) weather and waiting for it to clear up so people want to go (fishing)."