State senator Jerry Tillman (R-Randolph) has introduced a bill (S79) at the N.C, Senate that would extend the state-wide white-tailed deer gun season by two weeks, one week at the beginning and one at the end of the present gun season.

He also has proposed removing all deer bag limits statewide.

Several hunting groups, including the N.C. Bowhunters Association, are mustering a movement to oppose this proposal.

The NCBA points out the Wildlife Resources Commission has been given regulatory authority to manageĀ  deer and other wildlife resources through seasons and bag limits.

"They do a very good job," said NCBA official Ramon Bell of Greensboro. "They are our wildlife management professionals.

"The WRC adjusts regulations every year in different areas of the state, based upon the need to harvest and manage the deer herd relative to its habitat and other interests.

"Proposed changes are based upon carefully recorded and analyzed data collected from the deer herd and analyzed by wildlife biologists. The proposals are taken to hearings across the state where the interested public can hear them firsthand and have input into their consideration.

"This system works very well and would be seriously disrupted by legislative intervention."

Opponents of the bill are being asked to send the following letter to Sen. Tillman and their own state senators who already may have signed this bill:

Dear Senator:

Senate Bill 79, which you have signed, would extend the deer season in all of North Carolina for two weeks and eliminate the bag limit on deer for three years. This is not progressive legislation. We appeal to you to drop this bill.

The Wildlife Resources Commission already has proposed unlimited "bonus" (antlerless) deer tags for next year, 2007-08, and it also has proposed a special Urban Deer Season that municipalities may utilize at their individual option, along with other innovative deer and wildlife management proposals for the 2007-08 hunting seasons.

As a lifelong hunter, I request you to please reconsider your support for this unsound approach to deer management.


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