Monty Robinson's 27-pound king mackerel won the May 18 Oak Island Open Pier Tournament on Oak Island and Ocean Crest Piers.

In many spring pier tournaments, a single big fish caught will often win its large gamefish division (Category 3), but that wasn't the case this time.


Robinson started the assault with his 27-pound king; Ron Brewer followed in second with a 24-pound, 14-ounce cobia, and Chuck Smith finished third with a king that weighed 18 pounds, 13 ounces. Robinson and Smith caught their kings at Ocean Crest Pier, while Brewer landed his cobia at Oak Island Pier.


Sixty fishermen competed in one of three categories in the tournament. Category 1 went to Brenda Lawlor for her 2-pound, 5-ounce spadefish, followed by Chuck Brown's 1-11 pompano and Scott Coe's 1-9 pompano. Lawler and Coe were fishing at Oak Island Pier, while Brown fished at Ocean Crest Pier.


Chester Tyner won Category 2 with a 4-pound, 6-ounce Spanish mackerel, followed by Barry Singletary's 2-13 flounder and Brian Kiker's 2-5 speckled trout. All three fish were caught at Oak Island Pier.


James Lutz won Top Junior Angler honors for a 1-pound bluefish.



Far Out Shoot Out Tuna/Dolphin/Wahoo Rodeo,

May 11-18, Ocean Isle Beach

Overall: 1. Salt Times (Matt Sabota), 53.05 pounds; 2. Sea PA (Ken Ritch), 36.35; 3. Black Dog (Bob Newell), 36.05. Tuna: 1. Carolina Cat (Brant McMullan/John Holmes), 9.45 pounds; 2. Salt Times (Matt Sabota), 8.95. Dolphin: 1. Sea PA (Ken Ritch), 36.35 pounds; 2. Kingfish Mafia (Eddy Lewis), 30.4. Wahoo: 1. Salt Times (Matt Sabota), 20.85 pounds; 2. Black Dog (Bob Newell), 19.05.


Hatteras Village Offshore Open, May 15-18, Hatteras

Billfish Release Points: 1. Stream Weaver, 800; 2. Cat Baby, 600; 3. Sea Toy, 600. Daily Billfish Points: Wednesday, Stream Weaver, 600; Friday, Big Tahuna, 400; Saturday, Sea Striker, 600. Gamefish Division: Tuna, 1. Coverage, 33.4 pounds; Dolphin: 1. Release, 54.4 pounds; 2. Tuna Duck, 48.7; Wahoo: 1. Tuna Duck, 41.8 pounds; 2. Whatever, 17.6.


N.C. Offshore Challenge/JWR Gaffer Tournament, May 17-19, Oregon Inlet/Hatteras/Morehead City 

1. Fighting Lady (Pete Zook/Michael Wright), 49.0 pounds; 2. Teezher Charters (Bobby Bourquin), 47.5; 3. Miss Sharon, 39.0. Wahoo: 1. Pelagic (Mike Webb/Bill Rose), 44.0 pounds. Tuna: 1. Keith Cummings, 35.0.


Armed Forces Day Paddle Fishing Tournament, May 18, Swansboro

Freshwater: 1. Timothy Taramelli (Hubert), 21-inch catfish; 2. Colin Cummings (Jacksonville), 14.5-inch catfish. Saltwater: 1. Mark Ramsdell (Hubert), 36 inches (2 red drum); 2. Jamie Crum (Monroe), 35.5 inches (2 red drum). Top Lady Angler: Jamie Crum (Monroe), 35.5 inches (2 red drum). Smallest Fish: Matthew Merriman (Jacksonville), 2-inch croaker.


Emerald Isle Parks/Recreation Youth Fishing Derby, May 18, Emerald Isle

Overall: 1. Elizabeth King, 24.5-inch dog shark; 2. Tommy Kidwell, 12.75-inch sea mullet; 3. Elizabeth Delosantos, 9.5-inch hogfish; 4 (tie). Joseph Hodge, Haley Ipock, 9.33-inch hogfish, Most Fish Caught Boys 8-12: Tyler Abrams – 9; Most Fish Caught Girls 8-12: Jenna Bourquin, 6.