The offshore fishing out of Atlantic Beach appears to be reaching one of those points when it is about as good as it gets, according to Capt. Mike Webb of Pelagic Sportfishing.

been around. Now, dolphin, blackfin and an occasional yellowfin tuna and wahoo are daily catches, and there are billfishing encounters, too.


"The weather, especially this unrelenting wind, has been tough on us this spring," Webb said. "We've had to cancel some trips, but there have been fish when we could go. I only got in a few trolling trips in the last week, but we caught three to six wahoo, a dozen or more blackfins and some dolphin on each trip. The dolphin numbers are growing, too."


Webb (252-904-3361) said it has been nice to see some yellowfin tuna; it's been a few years since there was a good run of yellowfins off Cape Lookout, and everyone is hoping this will be the start. Meanwhile, it is nice to have the blackfin tuna, even if they are smaller. 


"It is always good when the dolphin start showing up, and the numbers are growing right now," Webb said. "Everyone likes to catch dolphin. There is just something about the way they run and jump and are so bright-colored. Whatever it is, everyone likes catching dolphin. Most people enjoy eating them, too."


Webb said the offshore bottom-fishing is on fire and will be even better in a few weeks when some of the huge black sea bass they are catching can go in the fish box instead of back over the side. He has made a couple of grouper trips since that season opened on May 1 and said they are biting.


"We're also seeing a good number of cobia when anchored and bottom-fishing," Webb said. "We've caught a couple of really nice ones in the last week. I believe they are holding offshore a little waiting for the water to warm. I wouldn't be surprised to hear of some being caught along the beach … if the weather stays nice." 


Webb said unless the weather takes a really bad turn, the fishing off Atlantic Beach will be improving over the next couple of weeks, and it's already pretty good. He said most of the offshore fish have arrived, and it appears Spanish and king mackerel will make their annual spring appearance at any time.