A first-term state senator from the Fayetteville area has introduced a bill in the General Assembly that would allow firearm hunting on Sundays on private land with landowner permission.

Sen. Ben Clark (D-Cumberland/Hoke) introduced Senate Bill 224 to expand Sunday hunting opportunities from beyond archery and crossbows, which were legal on Sundays for the first time during the 2010-11 hunting season. Secondary sponsor of the bill is Sen. E.S. "Buck" Newton (R-Johnson/Nash/Wilson).

State game lands and federal lands, including military reservations and U.S. Forest Service land, would remain closed to Sunday firearms hunting under Clark's bill. The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission opened Sunday hunting to archery and crossbows because it was not prohibited by state statute as firearm hunting is. The Commission funded a survey through a Virginia company several years ago in which a majority of North Carolina hunters and citizens opposed Sunday hunting. 


The bill must first be considered in the Senate and reported favorably out of committee, then pass a floor vote, before going to the House for similar consideration.


It will become law only if it passes both houses and is signed by Gov. Pat McCrory.