Capt. Mike King of the Streamweaver in Carolina Beach thought there would be some wahoo holding in the general area of the Steeples off Carolina Beach last weekend, and he had a group ready to go after them.

King's hunch was right. The wahoo were chewing when he took out Paul Robertson's bachelor party on March 2. While the ride out was good and the fishing hot, the weather window closed rather quickly, and the group was headed back in by noon. Everyone was tired, however, because the fish box was full.

The group had eight wahoo and six blackfin tuna, plus some assorted other fish. Even more impressive was the size of the wahoo. Six of the eight were citation fish with one in the 50s, four in the 60s and one brute that weighed 87.1 pounds on the scales at Island Tackle and Hardware in Carolina Beach. The two that weren't citations barely missed the 40-pound minimum.

According to King (910-279-0128), the fish were caught on a mixture of naked ballyhoo and ballyhoo rigged into red and black or purple and black sea witches.


Wes Barbour of Island Tackle and Hardware weighed the fish.


"It was definitely a bunch of wahoo. Mike (King) said the weather was getting rough, and they quit fishing just before noon and left the fish still biting," he said. "Imagine what they could have caught if they could have fished the full day."


Barbour said the fishermen were so excited weighing the wahoo, they didn't even hang one of the blackfin tuna on the scales, and three of them that looked to be citation-size (20 pounds) or larger. 


Barbour said there had been a really good wahoo bite the last time the weather fronts were spread apart enough to give a good weather window to get offshore.