December weather has been variable in the Piedmont, one day featuring temperatures in the low 40s before the mercury climbs into the mid-60s for a few days.

Likewise, bass fishing also has been on a yo-yo, according to one of the region's top fishing guides, but Jordan Lake has boasted the most consistent bass bite among area reservoirs.

Jeffrey Thomas of Broadway pronounced Jordan's action as far superior to Shearon Harris and Falls of Neuse lakes for late December. "(Last) Sunday, we did really decent and landed nine or 10 bass on small, shallow-running crankbaits we threw around rocky points," said Thomas, of Carolina Outdoors (910-770-4654). "We also threw Rat-L-Traps and caught a few fish in the backs of some creeks. "But when we went back Monday, (and) they didn't want the crankbaits or Rat-L-Trap at all. So we switched to spinnerbaits and did okay throwing them." One of those spinnerbait bass weighed eight pounds. "It was the largest Jordan largemouth I've caught in a while," said Thomas, who said most of the bass caught both days were 14 to 15 inches long. "It's been a strange winter so far," Thomas said. "One day, the fishing will be fairly decent using a particular lure, but the next day it will be really tough for that lure, and bass will want something different." At Jordan, Thomas has been keying on the riprap that lines the banks near several bridges across feeder creeks and the US 64 causeway. The rocks warm quickly during sunny days to attract baitfish and  bass. "One of the strange things is the water temperature at Jordan," Thomas said. "It's still warm for this time of year. We've had several warm spells and lots of sun, but I think it's also messed up the fishing at times. The shad aren't running in the backs of creeks like they should be. "(But) I think Jordan Lake's your best bet to catch bass right now, and you might even get a good size fish," he said.