The Boone and Crockett scoring system for whitetail deer is the most commonly used and recognized scoring system. The system is also used by the Pope and Young Club (archery), as well as most state organizations in determining records.

A typical whitetail deer is not difficult to score yourself with a little guidance. In this video, Bill Howard, an official Pope and Young measurer, shares how to green score your own trophies.

Items needed are a cable, yardstick, and ¼" steel measuring tape.


Scores are calculated based on the inside spread of the main beams, the length of points, and the circumference of the main beam between the points.  Abnormal points and differences in corresponding measurements (main beam to main beam, matching points from each antler, and matching circumferences) count as deductions to the gross score.


Score sheets can be printed from Boone and Crockett's website at or you can use their online calculator at