The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission has set dates and bag limits for 2012-13 waterfowl seasons, and there's little that was not expected.

The season will still be split into three parts: a short season in early October, a longer season around Thanksgiving and a 5-week season bridging December and January.

Sportsmen are required to possess state and federal waterfowl stamps. They can also apply for permit waterfowl hunts online, at wildlife service agents or by calling 888-248-6834 during regular business hours. Application deadline for the majority of waterfowl permit hunts is Oct. 1.

Seasons for ducks, mergansers and coots will be Oct. 3-6, Nov. 10-Dec. 1 and Dec. 15-Jan. 26. Seasons for sea ducks will be Oct. 1-Jan. 31. Youth waterfowl days will be Feb. 2 and Feb. 9 for youths 15 or younger.

The daily bag limit on ducks will remain six, but the limit on scaup has doubled from two to four to reflect the increase in species numbers. Species limits are: five mergansers (only two hooded mergansers, four scoters, four mallards (no more than two hens), three wood ducks, two redheads, two pintails, one black or mottled duck (after Nov. 17), one canvasback or one fulvous whistling duck.

Brant season will be Nov. 17-Dec. 1 and Dec. 15-Jan. 26, with a daily bag limit of two. Tundra swan may be hunted by permit only from Nov. 10-Jan. 31. Blue and snow geese can be hunted Oct. 17-20 and Nov. 10-March 9, with a daily bag limit of 25.

Canada geese can be hunting Oct. 3-13, Nov. 10-Dec. 1 and Dec. 15-Feb. 9 in the Resident Population Hunt Zone, Oct. 3-31 and Nov. 10-Dec. 31 in the Southern James Bay Hunt Zone and Jan. 19-26 in the Northeast Hunt Zone (by permit only). Hunters may take five geese in the Resident and Southern James Bay zones and 1 in the Northeast zone.