The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission on Thursday, March 15 seized and euthanized four adult whitetail deer being held without permit or license in Iredell County.

  Wildlife enforcement officers obtained a search warrant, and biologists from the Commission's Wildlife Management Division used immobilization drugs to remove the captive deer safely from the property.
  According to North Carolina law, it is illegal to hold or confine deer, elk or other cervid animals in the state without a permit or license, with strict requirements necessary to safeguard the health and safety of wildlife resources, livestock and humans.
  Further, since 2002, except for fawns taken to licensed rehabilitators, it has been illegal to transfer deer between facilities. These measures have been in place to prevent introduction and spread of wildlife diseases including chronic wasting disease.
  CWD is a contagious and progressive disease that typically induces chronic weight loss leading to death in the infected animal. The majority of infected animals also experience behavioral changes. Currently, the only way to diagnose is through a post-mortem examination.