Tommy Ruffin of Garner submitted his Trail Cam photo from entitled King of the Pasture, and viewers used the three-day voting period to pronounce him the winner of the November Trail Cam contest.

Ruffin's photo was taken back on September 21, 2010 and he remarked that this photo revealed a few of the bucks he had been monitoring via Trail Cam on his family's private property. "You can clearly see who is the King of the Pasture and the boss of this group of bucks," said Ruffin.

After patterning this 9-pointer in three different areas with 150 photos, of which only two were taken in daylight, Ruffin harvested the 180-pound buck in a central location between the three areas. "I was sitting in an abandoned barn on November 4th when the buck walked by at 30 yards and I was able to use my Weatherby .270 magnum rifle to bring him down," said Ruffin.

The buck carried a 19-inch inside spread, and his longest time was 10 3/4- inches. With a rough gross score of 142, Ruffin decided to mount this trophy buck. Knowing he had a hot hand, Ruffin hunted again 6 days later and harvested a 10-point, although he was not bigger than the King of the Pasture.

Ruffin wins an official Sportsman Gear prize pack, including a North Carolina Sportsman t-shirt and fleur-de-lis decal, plus a year's subscription to the magazine. Ruffin took a minute to become a registered user of before submitting his photo, and only registered users are eligible to win photo contests like Trail Cam, and look for more such photo contests on the website in 2011.

Honorable mention in the November Trail Cam contest goes to Craig Oliver from Cleveland County with his Rabbit that Didn't Make It photo of a fox with a rabbit in its mouth. And Steve Brinkley from Guilford submitted a fine photo of a Young 10-Point that he is sure to be keeping a close eye on.

The trail cam contest continues in December, and after the four monthly winners are announced, a one-week voting competition will be held on to determine who is the 2010 Grand prize winner.