Constructed of high-floating, 10X Tough ElaZtech™ material, this first-of-its-kind soft-plastic surface popper sports a cupped face that pops, spits and chugs along the surface for maximum fish-calling attraction. What’s more, the Pop ShadZ can be rigged weedless on a wide-gap hook, making it ideal for fishing through pads, grass, stumps, and laydowns. Buoyant enough to float even a heavy gauge hook, its baitfish profile accurately mimics a number of freshwater and saltwater forage species.


Unique soft-plastic popper design thanks to super buoyant ElaZtech material

Cupped face and side-to-side walking movement creates strike-provoking surface action

Rig weedless with a heavy wire 4/0 or 5/0 offset EWG-style hook

For open water, run line through nose and rig with a single treble hook

10X Tough plastic withstands violent surface strikes and being ripped through surface cover

Now available in 4- and 5-inch sizes

3 baits per pack

MSRP: $5.99 per 3 pack. 

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