Fish can be caught any number of ways, but MirrOlures hold a special place with a number of saltwater fishermen, especially those who spend time in inshore waters.

If anyone knows these lures, it’s Lee Parsons, a guide from Wilmington, N.C., who is often referred to be his peers as the “MirrOlure Guru.” He’s not only proficient in their use, but he’s got an innate knowledge that allows him to rattle off model numbers and colors better than most folks remember what they had for breakfast.

But as far as basics go, it’s a matter of picking the correct style and size of MirrOlure for the task at hand, be it speckled trout, redfish, Spanish mackerel or anything else with fins.

“The shape, size and weight are the important factors in choosing any lure, especially a MirrOlure,” Parsons said. “We’ve always heard to match the hatch, and it’s really that simple. The shape and size are used to match the bait the fish are feeding on at that particular time, and the weight gets it to the right level in the water column.

“Don’t get me wrong, color is important, too ... but the size and shape will be recognized by the fish first,” Parsons said. “Once you’ve got that matched, you can worry about color. Sometimes, color doesn’t appear as important, and they will hit several colors. However, trout sometimes can get real finicky and only hit one color. I’ve even seen their preferred color change while I was fishing.”

One of Parsons’ favorite lures is the MirrOdine 17 or 27MR. The 17 size is for