While high winds and bitter cold in the weather forecast may make some faint-of-heart anglers stay at home, anglers who pay acute attention to weather reports and prepare for them can use these fast-moving cold fronts to their advantage.

The speckled trout bite can be extremely aggressive as the barometer begins to fall and just before the wind starts blowing with arrival of the front. The bite may last from a few minutes to a couple of hours. After the front has surfed into the area on a chilly wind, the bite can die just as suddenly as it began.

Anglers must be sure to fish in places protected by high banks or other areas that are safe during high winds and make sure they have secure anchoring devices. Devices such as the shallow-water anchors and trolling motors may not be adequate to keep the boat stabile for the best casting angles, so anglers should also consider having manual anchors onboard as well. 

Make sure you bring plenty of clothes, too. The rapid change in temperature accompanying an approaching cold front will cause anglers to pull on an extra sweatshirt, jacket or coat to meet the conditions.