Brian French lives in the center of Rockingham County, and for the past several years, that’s been one of the hottest spots in the Carolinas for trophy bucks. French killed one on Nov. 14 that won’t make it to the North Carolina whitetail record book, but it’s as much a trophy as any of the bucks that are listed there. 

The 8-point buck French killed had a very nice, although not record-book-worthy, rack. What made it a trophy is that the buck was almost solid white. And strangely, the deer had never shown up on any of the trail cameras located throughout French’s family farm in Wentworth, N.C.

Aside from the uniqueness of the deer, the hunt was fairly routine. While sitting in his tree stand, French caught sight of a cow horn, so he watched it play around for about 30 minutes. The cow horn began grazing, and French noticed it kept looking back nervously while eating, so he was pretty sure another deer was lurking nearby. 

Before long, the cow horn left, and that’s when French noticed the white buck walk into the field from a nearby pine thicket. 

Once the buck got to within 40 yards of French’s stand, the hunter raised his .30-06, placed the  crosshairs of his scope on the deer’s vitals, and pulled the trigger. The white buck dropped instantly.

Very few hunters ever get to see a white deer in the wild, much less get a shot at one. This was a hunt that French will never forget.