Opening day of deer season for a good portion of the Palmetto State was yesterday, and the early start has always given South Carolina hunters a unique opportunity to kill a buck in velvet. And that’s just what Madison Squires of Swansea did, killing an 8-point buck during an evening hunt.

Hunting in Orangeburg County on her friend Laken Smith’s property, Squires got to the stand overlooking some cobbed corn and sat for about 45 minutes before seeing some action. A doe walked out, and about 15 minutes later, the 8-point buck showed up.

Squires knew immediately that this was a deer she had not seen before, either in person or on their trail cameras.

“We haven’t gotten him on the trail cam, but we have other bucks on that camera,” she said.

With the buck standing about 85 yards away on the edge of the woods, Squires peered through the scope mounted atop her Mossberg .243 and pulled the trigger, ending a quick hunt at 8:04 p.m. on opening day.

This wasn’t the seasoned huntress’ first deer, but it was the first time she’s killed a deer on opening day, her first 8-point, and her first deer in velvet.

It was a hot day, but most hunters would gladly endure that for a shot at such a buck.