South Carolina’s deer hunting season begins in the lowcountry next week, and it’s going to be quite a different season than years past. The new regulations that require all deer to be tagged, as well as several other changes, are sure to make this hunting season an interesting one for hunters, land managers, and game wardens.

One major difference this season is that being able to legally deer hunt will not be as simple as purchasing everything necessary at places like Walmart or Bass Pro Shops. While it’s still possible to buy a hunting license at these spots, they will not have deer tags available. They can only be purchased from SCDNR.

But if you’ve already purchased your big game hunting license, you should have received your deer tags in the mail from SCDNR by today. This is the case for resident hunters. Non-resident hunters have to purchase tags separately on top of buying a big game hunting license.

The SCDNR began sending out deer tags in late July, and the agency said if hunters have not received their tags by Aug. 9, they should check on the status of them by calling 803-734-3833. 

If you have not purchased your deer hunting license yet, you will have to wait up to two weeks to receive your deer tags, so if you’re planning to hunt later in the season, plan accordingly.

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