While many outdoorsmen across the Carolinas have private hunting land or are in a private hunt club, some don’t have that opportunity, or don’t hunt often enough to make this feasible for them. And even for those who do, sometimes they’d like to hunt other land that is extensively managed for game animals.

Lottery hunts, also known as “permit” or “draw” hunts, are made available to hunters across both North Carolina and South Carolina. These lands are managed by the state, and in some cases are either owned by the state, or leased or loaned from private citizens or corporations.

These lands are only open to hunting on certain days, and hunters must apply to hunt them. To keep the hunting experience at the highest level, a limited number of hunters are picked to hunt each site.

Dozens of opportunities are available in both Carolinas. Some have additional fees, and the fees may vary from site to site. Applying for the hunts is easy, and applications for most hunts can be done online.

These are not just open, wild lands that the states allow outdoorsmen to hunt on from time to time. These lands are managed to attract and hold wildlife. Row crops are planted on many of them, clearings are developed, and permanent hunting stands are located in sections of each property, giving hunters the best possible hunting experience.

For South Carolina hunters, the deadline to apply for lottery deer hunts is Aug. 18. For online applications, this means the applications must be completed online by 5 p.m. on that date. For mail-in applications, they must be postmarked by that date.

Most of the lottery application deadlines for North Carolina hunters fall on Sept. 1, but some a are as early as Aug. 10, with some as late as Oct. 1.

Some of these hunts are for blackpowder, some for archery, some for rifles or shotguns, and some allow a combination of firearms. Some are also for youth hunters only, and some are for adult and youth to hunt together.

To find out more about these hunts, and to apply, click here for South Carolina game lands, and click here for North Carolina game lands.