Summer is in full bloom and the fishing has been great, but hunting season is just around the corner. And whether it’s dove season or deer season you’re most looking forward to, you’ll feel more comfortable if that first hunt is not the first time you’ve shot your rifle or shotgun since last season.

Both Carolinas have numerous locations for hunters to sight in their rifles or get some shotgun practice with sporting clays, trap, or skeet. Spending some time at these locations makes for a fun outing, ensures your firearms are operating properly, and gets your body back into shooting shape. Ranges are also great places to sight in new scopes.

When it comes to shotgun ranges, hunters can work on certain shots and angles that they may have trouble with, as long as they don’t rush through the course. If a certain station provides a left-to-right shot that you’re having trouble with, shoot that station more than once. Shoot it more than twice. Shoot it until you’re hitting it, and feeling comfortable that you can continue to hit it.

At most shotgun ranges, customers pay for a certain number of clays and given a card that counts that number of clays as you move from station to station. But it doesn’t mean you have to shoot every station. It’s great to identify which shots you have trouble with, but it doesn’t do you much good once you're in the dove field and the birds are presenting you with those shots you identified as tough, but didn’t take the time to get better at. 

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