Have you ever gone to visit friends without any knowledge that fishing would be involved? It’s happened to many of us. You show up, chat a little while, then your friend mentions something about a fishing pond nearby. The weather’s right, you’ve got time to fish, and all fishing reports have been positive. Then, your heart drops a little.

You just realized that you didn’t bring any of your fishing gear. And when it comes to fishing gear, let’s face it, most of us are pretty particular. You’d rather wear a friend’s dirty socks than borrow their fishing gear, especially when you’ve got your favorite reel fine-tuned just the way you like it.

But this was the dilemma Darrell Wood Jr. of Columbia found himself in while visiting friends in Lexington County last week. The 13-year-old angler sucked it up, borrowed a Zebco 33, an old Mepps spinner, and took a seat in his friend’s johnboat. 

And to say the least, the young man made the best of it, hooking and landing an 8-pound bass on the borrowed gear. Maybe we should all think about leaving our own fishing gear at home from now on.