South Carolina’s new deer hunting laws require the tagging of every deer, including antlerless deer. But what qualifies as antlerless? Isn’t an antlerless deer just a doe? No.

The SCDNR considers some bucks to legally be antlerless deer. Antlerless deer are defined as any deer with no antlers or with less than 2 inches of visible antler above the hairline. Does, button bucks, and small (less than 2 inches) spike antlered deer all qualify as antlerless deer.

Each resident South Carolina hunter will receive 8 antlerless deer tags (and 3 antlered deer tags) when they purchase their hunting license. These antlerless tags will be good for specific dates only. Up to four optional non-specific date antlerless tags may also be purchased for $5 apiece. 

Non-resident hunters will not receive any free antlerless deer tags, but have the option of purchasing up to four for $10 each. These can be used on any date.