This time of year, it’s common to let our attention go to the beaches of the Carolinas for fishing offshore, nearshore, and inshore. The fishing is great for many different species along the coast, but we shouldn’t overlook the trout fishing that we have in the western part of both states.

Nich Krayniewski of Davidson County, N.C. headed to the mountains over the weekend to try his hand at some trout fishing, which usually meets anglers with much cooler weather than anywhere in the Carolinas this time of year. 

Krayniewski had a successful trip, catching a 5-pound brown trout that was 24-inches long and had a girth of 12 inches. And he didn’t catch it in what would be considered the most conventional way.

Fishing with both a worm and corn on his hook, the 17-year-old hooked a small sucker fish. While he was reeling in the small fish, the big brown engulfed it, and Krayniewski, who was fishing with his brother-in-law Devan Alt, landed the trout.

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