Capt. Chip Michalove of Outcast Sport Fishing in Hilton Head is known for catching big sharks, including great white sharks, off of South Carolina’s coast. But he’s also known as a friend of those same sharks, and does everything he can to educate the public about the importance of sharks in our ecosystem.

Michalove does his share of tagging, which helps scientific organizations track the sharks he’s caught. This has lead to a further understanding of where these sharks travel throughout the year, and is one step in helping humans get a look into the world of what these creatures do when they’re not chewing on one of Michalove’s baits.

This time of year, Michalove catches several different species of sharks. Hammerheads and tiger sharks are pretty common catches, and one of his anglers, Sam Bush of Indianapolis hooked into and landed a hammerhead which measured between 9 and 10 feet long. 

So what’s it like to hook into one of these creatures? Watch the video to see the first 20 seconds of Bush’s fight with the hammerhead. Or better yet, give Michalove and Outcast Sport Fishing a call at 843-290-0371 and find out for yourself what it feels like to do battle with one of these beasts of the sea.