Anglers have devised a number of methods to create a double line, some easy to tie and some not. But there is probably not a more tried-and-true method of creating a loop than the venerable Bimini twist.

While it can require a bit of practice to learn to tie a Bimini twist with monofilament, with braid, the knot is easy, because braid is so supple, and Bimini twists retain nearly 100 percent of the line’s original strength, which is of vital importance when jigging. 

The Bimini is a clean, non-bulky knot that slides easily through rod guides and on and off of a reel, making it perfect for use with wind-on leaders. Most manufactured wind-on leaders have a Dacron loop as their butt. The Bimini can be looped to the Dacron, passed through three times, and then pulled tight for a solid and skinny connection. Just be sure that all four strands of the two loops are the same length when you are pulling them snug. An off-balance set of loops will create stress on the tight side, which can lead to tackle failure and a giant amberjack or cobia swimming away with a long leader trailing.

Step 1 - Take 7 to 8 feet of braided line and double it over to form an “X” at the base of the loop. Hold the “X” with your right hand.

Step 2 - Using your left hand, turn the loop to twist both strands around each other approximately 30 to 40 times. Turn towards your body.

Step 3 - Without letting the twists unravel, place the loop end over a boat cleat.

Step 4 - Slide your right hand (holding the “X”) back about 1/4-inch, making sure the twists don’t unravel. Keep equal pressure on both strands. Pull the loop around the cleat tight.

Step 5 - While still holding the loop tight with your right hand, put your left hand inside the loop, parallel with the cleat, and slowly move it towards your right. The twists will double over themselves, and the tag end will work its way to the front of the twist.

Step 6 - To finish, make a series of half hitches of the tag end around the base of the loop, coming out of the twists. Repeat half hitches until tag end is too short to hitch anymore.