The Wake County Wildlife Club presented awards to more than 25 hunters during this past weekend’s 2017 Dixie Deer Classic at the N.C. State Fairgrounds. Twenty-three awards went to deer that were scored during the Classic, along with three bear that were scored.

One dedicated hunter, Blake Pike, earned awards in both the deer and bear categories. He received the Best Bear Youth Bow category with a Patrick County, Va. black bear with a skull that was measured at 16 9/16 inches. He also won the Virginia Best Typical Deer by Muzzleloader Youth category with a 134 0/8-inch deer.

One husband-wife team won awards for deer they killed in North Carolina. Team Part Time Whitetails' Tootie Morris of Rougemont won the Female Best Bow Typical kill with a 129 7/8-inch Granville County deer she killed in October. Her teammate and husband, Scottie Morris killed his 141 4/8-inch Person County buck in September, winning the Best Bow Nontypical category. 

The Best in Show Award was presented to Brent Boney of Drewryville, Va. for the 210 6/8-inch nontypical buck he killed last November in Greenville County, Va. Boney killed the big deer while dog hunting. Boney said he missed the same deer during a hunt the previous year.

The President’s Award went to the winner of the Non-Hunting Category. Derin Daniels of Burlington entered the buck, which was killed by a poacher on his land in November. This Caswell County deer scored 187 0/8.

Other winners of the 2017 Dixie Deer Classic:

Best Bear Bow Kill: Albert Krelie of Grantsboro with a black bear with an 18 1/16-inch skull killed in November in Beaufort County, N.C.

Best Bear Gun Kill: Preston Harris of Snow Hill’s Craven County black bear with a 21 0/16-inch skull.

Best Youth Female by Gun, Typical Deer: Alicia Bateman of Eure with a Gates County buck that scored 150 6/8.

Best Youth Male by Gun, Typical Deer: Carson Reese of Bullock’s Vance County deer that scored 145 1/8.

Best Youth Female by Gun, Nontypical Deer: Casey Haizlip of Elon with a 149 4/8-inch deer killed in Alamance County.

Best Youth Male by Gun, Nontypical Deer: Spencer Tingen, Winterville, with a Pitt County buck measuring 141 2/8.

Best Youth Male by Muzzleloader, Typical: Gantt Reasoner, Wake Forest, with a Granville County buck that scored 133 5/8.

Best Youth Female Crossbow, Typical: Hillsborough’s Courtney Watkins, Orange County buck measuring 123 0/8 inches

Best Youth Male Crossbow, Typical: Hayden Nance of Newline with a Mitchell County buck with 142 4/8-inch rack.

Best Female Crossbow, Nontypical: Carla Inman of Canton with a Person County buck measuring 159 6/8.

Best Female Gun Typical: Tori Henderson from Timberlake’s Person County deer that scored 125 0/8.

Best Gun Typical: Chester Townes of Henderson with a Vance County 168 6/8 beast.

Best Gun, Nontypical: R.J. Taylor of Lillington with a Harnett County buck that measured 130 6/8.

Best Muzzleloader, Typical: Clyde Watson of Roxboro with a Person County brute scoring 161 3/8.

Best Bow, Typical: Mebane’s Tim Warren with a 158 5/8 buck killed in Person County.

Best Crossbow, Typical: Jordan Hall of Leasburg’s 125 0/8-inch buck from Person County.

Best Crossbow, Nontypical: Chris Mundy of Burlington with an Alamance County buck that measured 126 5/8.

Virginia Best Muzzleloader, Typical: Jason Hazelwood of South Hill, Va. with a Mecklenburg County buck that scored 165 0/8.

Virginia Best Muzzleloader, Nontypical: Dry Fork, Va’s Brandon Beck with a Halifax County buck measuring 161 5/8.

Virginia Best Bow, Typical: Eric Bethune of Manassas with a 160 0/8 Prince William County buck.

Virginia Best Crossbow, Typical: Rodney Wingfield of Martinsville with a Franklin County trophy scoring 177 7/8.