Paul Van Reenen grew up in South Africa, and has fished all over the world, catching over 500 different species of fish on several continents. Still, he wasn’t happy with the overall selection of lures available, so he moved to the United States and began his own lure company.

Unfair Lures makes innovative hard plastic fishing lures for both fresh and saltwater applications. Innovative? Really? Fishing plugs have been around for decades, and come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. So just how innovative can anyone be when it comes to making such lures?

The company offers popping models, walk-the-dog surface lures, suspending lures, crankbaits, and a shrimp that is unlike any other on the market. And one look at them will show you they really are innovative.

Van Reenen never did understand why lure manufacturers give anglers the same old split rings to tie their line to. It takes away from the action of the lure, and sometimes the knot slips into the split ring’s thinnest part where it is susceptible to breaking or to making its way around the ring, slipping completely off the lure. All Unfair Lures come with high-quality barrel swivels attached, meaning anglers don’t lose any action, and have no need to worry about their line slipping off.

Most fishing lures have a thin strip of red paint where the lure’s gills are located. This is somewhat realistic-looking, but Unfair Lures takes things a step further. Red threads are placed in the gill sections, adding the right color, but also action in the water, making it look as though the gills are moving.

Van Reenen also was frustrated by the hooks used by manufacturers on their fishing plugs. He found they didn’t do the best job of holding onto the fish in many cases. He also found they were difficult to remove in other cases, including when an angler impales himself or his buddy with one.

Every Unfair Lures plug has treble hooks designed by the company for their lures. Instead of the typical barb you see on every other lure in production, these hooks have reverse barbs. They are located on the outside of the hook instead of on the inside. Van Reenen finds these hold better when you want them to, but are much easier to remove when you’re ready. 

Unfair Lures are sold in numerous tackle stores and bait shops across the Carolinas, and you can also click here to order straight from Unfair Lures.