– Thanks to Lindsay Thomas Jr. of QDMA for sharing his story of how litter kills.

I despise a litterbug.

As a hunter and fisherman who enjoys clean water and clean forests, few things aggravate me more than physical evidence that someone was here before me and treated the land with disrespect. Litter also has a real impact on people and wildlife. When my children and I swim in rivers, I worry about broken glass. 

During a drought, a cigarette butt flicked from a car window can start a wildfire that damages habitat and timber or threatens towns and homes. This is to say nothing of the illegal dumper who arrives in the night and leaves entire truckloads of garbage on the lands of others.

But even small acts of littering can have surprising consequences. At some point in the past, someone in York County, South Carolina, tossed a bottle in the woods. They don’t know it, but they killed a deer with that bottle.

Click here to see the complete story at QDMA's website, and see the devastating damage the bottle did to the deer's tongue.