It’s December, and that means we’re all on the lookout for Christmas gifts for our favorite outdoorsmen and women. And while some folks think you can just grab any handful of fishing lures or hunting accessories to wrap up and stash under the tree, most true sportsman already have plenty of those things.

Besides, many hunters and anglers are quite picky about their gear, and chances are, they’d just as soon pick those items out themselves.

And lets face it, no matter how much we love being outdoors and casting a fly to tailing redfish or following English setters in pursuit of quail, we all have other obligations in life that don’t always allow us to carry a fishing rod or shotgun everywhere we go. 

But, that doesn’t mean we have to completely abandon those things we love just because its time to attend a social function that requires we trade in our fishing shorts or camouflage shirts for something on the dressy side.

It’s tough to believe a better gift exists for these circumstances than a Brackish Bowtie. These unique bowties are handmade in Charleston from naturally shed bird feathers obtained throughout the United States. These feathers are meticulously inspected before undergoing the tedious process of being crafted into bowties.

Each bowtie is unique, and will make your favorite sportsman stand out from the crowd of his pals who, no matter how well-dressed they are, they’re still dressed as though the outdoor world isn’t a part of their life.

The ties also have names that have meaning to outdoorsmen. The quail feather-lined Coosaw, for example, is named for a location in South Carolina’s lowcounty, a common gathering point for anglers and hunters. The Keel, Eddy, Spottail, and Seabrook are just a few of their other bowties with meaningful names.

Every bowtie is shipped in a nice wooden storage box, and can be placed under the Christmas tree or stuffed in a stocking. And the company also offers other accessories that are just as perfect as Christmas gifts. Click here for more information on Brackish Bowties.