One of the great aspects of the outdoor world is passing on the love and tradition of hunting and fishing to the younger generation. In most cases, someone else fostered our fondness of those activities, and no matter how much we enjoy them, those feelings seem to kick up a notch when we see that we’ve guided someone else into appreciating them too.

BJ Holliday knows this feeling well. His 10-year-old son Bryson has been accompanying him on hunting trips since Bryson was 3-years-old, killing his first deer at the age of 6. On Oct. 28, Holliday was able to experience another first for his son, as Bryson Holliday killed his first buck in Anderson County, S.C.

“This is his third deer, his first buck. And he has killed two turkeys. I had several trail-cam photos of this deer. This buck was one we wanted to take because he’s got a big body but only has six points,” said BJ Holliday.

“Bryson killed him as the buck walked into a clearing at 7:45 a.m. He shot him at 55 yards with a .243 and made a perfect shot. The 6-point weighed 172 pounds. I couldn’t be more proud!” he said.

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